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From the earliest days of the maximum mining school (1899) when training sessions were held back in the Potemkin palace, one of the classrooms was appointed to the Cabinet of geodesy and surveying art. At the time, surveying studied in mining and factory outlets in the first and second semesters.


The first teacher was surveying engineer ways spoluchennnya Tatarinov, who in 1901 Replaced mining engineer P.K.Sobolevskyy. From 1903 to 1921 the Cabinet, and the Department of Geodesy and surveying art professor P.M.Lontovskyy charge.

In 1920, with a total department of geodesy and surveying art was singled Department of Geodesy, the superintendence of which was entrusted mining engineer K.A.Zorynu. Assistant Department were mining engineers and S.Sonyn V.Shumovych. In 1924, the department worked only K.A.Zoryn teacher and assistant, scientist forester I.Rastorhuyev.

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Head of the Department of Geodesy were K.A.Zoryn Associate Professor (1920-27 years), Professor V.K.Nechyporenko (1927-33 years), Associate V.P.Horskyy (1933-37 years), Associate Professor A. I.Dynchenko (1937-41 years), professor I.H.Kel (1943-44 years), Associate Professor IG Fox (1944-56 years), Professor M.V.Stovas (1956-65 years), Professor A.I.Osetskyy (1965-91 years), Associate O.H.Bondaruk.


In 2001 the department was zahalnoosvitnyu. But in April 2001, the department was licensed, and also accredited specialty "Land Management and Cadastre" in training "Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management" for 25 people full-time students. There is also a part-time, evening and external studies. As of early 2010, the total output of the department for four years amounted to more than 100 professionals.


Currently, the department includes:

  • Acting Head of Department - Ryabchiy Vladislav Valerevich;
  • Associate Professor: Zuska Ada Vasilevna,  Ryabchiy Valery Arhipovich, Yankin Alexander Evgenevich;
  • senior teachers: Telnov Vyacheslav Gennadievich and Hoychuk Alla Petrovna;
  • Assistants: Nazarenko Kateryna Rostislavovna, Tregub Julia Evgenievna;
  • Software Engineer: Khrystenko Volodymyr;
  • Senior Laboratory: Сhaika Tetiana Mykolaivna;
  • and Combine:

  • Associate Professor: Babiy Ekaterina Vasilievna, Tregub Nicholas Vladimirovich;
  • Assistants: Сhaika Tetiana Mykolaivna.
  • 2019 in Dnipro gone official in celebration of the 120th anniversary of the National University of Technology  and, in particular, one of his five oldest departments - the Department of Surveying.

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